POSSE VI Final Papers

Presenter Paper
Anya Loukianova, UMD - College Park Creating a Framework to Assess Military Transparency
Nina Rozhanovskaya, Tomsk State University "The Nuclear Habit in the Public Mind" *link not currently available
Petr Topychkanov, Carnegie Moscow Center - Nonproliferation Program India and Pakistan: Beyond Minimum Nuclear Deterrence?
Julia Fetisova, PIR Center, Moscow Prospects for Cooperative Strategic Stability and Strategic Cultural Context (Case of Russia)
Riqiang Wu, Renmin University of China Why China Should Be Concerned by U.S. Missile Defense?
Huaping Liu, Beijing Language and Culture University Motivations of China’s Nuclear Force Modernization 
Zhenming Zhong, School of Political Science and International Relations, Tongji University, China Nuclear Non-proliferation, Power Dynamics, and Regional Stability Revisited
Jiegan Zhang, Institute of International Studies, Fudan University China-Pakistan Nuclear Relations after Cold War and Its International Implications
Philipp Bleek, MIIS and Eric Lorber, Duke University "Friends Don’t Let Friends Proliferate:  Credibility, Security Assurances, and Allied Nuclear Proliferation"  *link not currently available
Anne Harrington, MIIS- CNS "Revaluing Nuclear Weapons" *link not currently available
Matthew Fuhrmann, Texas A&M University and Todd Sechser, University of Virginia Nuclear Strategy, Nonproliferation, and the Causes of Foreign Nuclear Deployments
Jacob Happymon, Jawaharlal Nehru University Revisiting Indo-Pak Strategic Stability
Sadia Tasleem, Quaid-i-Azam University Diffusion of Nuclear Knowledge: Technology, Policy & Posture
Dmitry Adamsky, School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy IDC Herzliya, Israel "Nuclear Incoherence:  Deterrence Theory and Non-Strategic Nuclear Weapons in Russia" *link not currently available
Lu Yin, Institute for Strategic Studies, National Defense University, China An Analysis of China’s No-First-Use Policy
Tong Zhao, Georgia Institute of Technology Risk-Taking and Trust-building between the U.S. and China on Nuclear Security