Negeen Pegahi

Assistant Professor
Naval War College - Newport, RI

T. Negeen Pegahi's research interests focus on international relations theory and security studies, specifically the causes and consequences of nuclear proliferation. Her Ph.D. dissertation, “Dangerous Deterrent? A Rational Theory of the Consequences of Nuclear Proliferation for Existing Nuclear Powers,” lays out the conditions under which the acquisition of nuclear weapons can embolden states to do things they otherwise would not do against stronger, nuclear-armed adversaries; the frequency with which these conditions obtain; and the severity of their effects. Negeen has received fellowships from the United States Institute of Peace, the University of Chicago, and the Foreign Language Area Studies Program. Prior to entering graduate school, she worked as a Research Assistant at RAND and served as a Fulbright Scholar in Pakistan. She received an M.A. in Political Science at the University of Chicago and a B.A. in Chinese and Political Science from Williams College.


Address: Cambridge, MA USA