Governing North-East Asia Security: Nuclear Non-proliferation & Strategic Reconciliation

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Nuclear proliferation issue has occupied the central position of the North East Asia area for more than 20 years.  Besides nuclear proliferation problem, there are still many other quarrels and disputes among the countries of this region.  Instead of discussing the proliferation issue technically and tactically, this paper would like to place this issue under a wider strategic context to find a way out and mainly focus on the relationships between or among China, ROK and Japan.  The major hypothesis is that the nuclear proliferation issue must be settled under the condition of genuine strategic reconciliation among these nations.  If the three nations can build mutual-confidence, it would doubtlessly in turn create a favorable environment for the Korea peninsular internal reconciliation.  More importantly, such reconciliation can also push the US- DPRK relationship improved which is the key to denuclearization in the region. 


Huaping Liu

School of International Relations

Beijing Language and Culture University