Cyber (In) Security: A Challenge to Reckon With

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Recent developments in the cyber domain have exposed the dangers of a largely apathetic behaviour towards the looming threats of cyber warfare. Calls for more rigorous corrective measures have been made, as some states have begun to view such breaches as a top national security threat. Such threats have also changed the dynamics of state behaviour, giving way to subtle aggressions with potentially destabilising and far-reaching consequences. These transgressions have also brought to the fore numerous challenges of cyber security that find their origin in scant technical understanding, the absence of a legal framework, and an overall complex strategic environment. This calls for the institution of some rules of the game to ensure the freedom of the Internet, while at the same time protecting critical cyber infrastructure through a normative approach that can pave the way for some concrete measures for regulating state behaviour. 


Noor,Sitara,(2015), "Cyber (In) Security: A Challenge to Reckon With"  Strategic Studies, Vol. 34, Islamabad…