Policy Memo for “Security Competition and Denuclearization: The North Korean Nuclear Crisis and International Strategic Choices”

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The North Korean Nuclear Crisis is a manifestation of the security competition among

the key stakeholders, especially the two Koreas, the United States and China. In this

paper, I argue that the competing vision of national security interests/objectives and

the existence of “security competition” by major players in Northeast Asia under the

particular international structure provide both constraints and opportunities for the

formation of this re-emerged stalemate and the potential resolution of the nuclear

crisis. Failure to moderate security competition among the four key players, i.e.,

DPRK, ROK, China and the U.S., is the real reason that leads to the deadlock.


Zhong Zhenming

Associate Professor, School of Political Science and International Relations, Tongji

University, Shanghai, 200092, China

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