News: GT Army War College Alumnus and Nunn School Professor Brief on Preventing WMD Proliferation

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Posted June 28, 2017

Former Georgia Tech Army War College Fellow, U.S. Army Colonel Lonnie Carlson and Nunn School Associate Professor Margaret E. Kosal jointly presented to the defense community on “Preventing Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation — Leveraging Special Operations Forces to Shape the Environment.” The two led a webcast Wednesday through the Special Operations Interoperability Group.

Col. Carlson and Dr. Kosal highlighted key elements of their JSOU Occasional Paper on the need for building  greater weapons of mass destruction (WMD) expertise within Special Operations Forces (SOF), to  collaborate with U.S. government and partner nation organizations to conduct WMD counter-proliferation-related building partnership capacity (BPC), and increase operational preparation of the environment (OPE) activities. Those activities can lead to the early warning needed to mitigate fleeting opportunities to eliminate catastrophic WMD risks.


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